Ons Jabeur talks about the strange illness that has gripped the US Open

Jabeur spoke about the short vacation she took that helped her keep fresh and also recharge her battries from playing continuously.

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Ons Jabeur

Ons Jabeur (Source: Twitter)

Tough times have struck the 2023 US Open as the tournament has been hit by a strange illness. Ons Jabeur has somehow escaped from this illness. While others have been going through a bad stomach ailment, Jabeur is down with the flu. Christopher Eubanks looked in visible discomfort in his match in the second round which took place against Benjamin Bonzi.


The bug is going after many players as Dominic Thiem and Christopher Eubanks were not spared either. Theim aborted his second-round game which took place against Ben Shelton, Jabeur spoke to the media after her second-round victory against Linda Noskova. Jabeur wanted to put the issue of illness to rest. When she was asked about it, she gave her honest opinion on the issue.

Playing matches in behind could get tough for me - Ons Jabeur

"Actually my stomach is fine. It's not the stomach. I think I got a flu or something. I know some other players got stomach issues. Not me, thankfully." she said to the press. The Tunisian talked about not overworking herself and keeping herself in a proper frame. of mind as the Tennis season keeps chugging along. She said that taking a short vacation after Wimbledon did her a world of good.

On another note, she said that the matches in Asia would test her endurance. The Asian matches will take place after the US Open. She was keeping her fingers crossed that she could get through the US Open without any major hiccups. "I'm a zombie because I have a flu, otherwise... No, honestly I talked about this. I took vacation after Wimbledon. I think that really helped me kind of take a second breath for the rest of the season," she said.

"I feel like I will be tired maybe around Beijing. That's when it's going to get tough. But I think maybe last year's season helped me get used to playing a lot of matches. Yeah, emotionally could be tired, but I know if I just let go, I will regret it after, so I want to continue and stay in New York as long as I can," Jabeur added.