'I am Not done yet' - Andy Murray hits back at his critics

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Andy Murray

There was a time when Andy Murray was on top of the world. Between November 2016 and August 2017, he was the top ranked tennis player in the world. The British legend has also won three Grand Slam titles in his career, and was even knighted in the year 2019 for his contribution to the game of tennis.


However, while he experienced the peaks of the sport, Murray has also experienced its troughs. A hip surgery meant that Murray’s career was almost in danger of getting ‘finished’. But, with his indomitable spirit, he has returned back to the tennis circuit. Right now, he is ranked No.123 in the world. Now, Murray has responded to critics who have stated that he should retire from the sport.

Murray said that every time he loses a tennis match, he is asked to stop playing the game with people stating that he is ‘finished’. The former World No.1 added that he feels like his career is on the line every time he steps on the tennis court and that acts as a motivation.

“It’s not easy. Every time I lose a match, I’m getting told to retire, that I should stop playing, that I’m finished, I’ve got nothing left and whatever and it’s sad and all of these things. I feel like I’m playing for my career just now each time I step on the court, which is a motivation in some ways but it also adds a bit of extra stress,” said Murray as quoted by Fox Sports.

Murray added that there are moments when he doubts himself, and it is really ‘hard’ to play the sport with a metal hip. The tennis legend concluded by stating that even though it is not easy for him, he will meet the challenge ‘head on’.

“There’s a bit of extra doubt there. And on top of that I’m playing with a metal hip, which is hard. Trust me, it’s not easy. It’s a big challenge for me just now and one that I’ll meet head on,” concluded Murray. At the age of 33, Sir Andy Murray is surely not done yet.

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