'Lot of people in Kenya aspire to play in Vivo Pro Kabaddi League,' says Daniel Odhiambo

Daniel Odhiambo of Patna Pirates squad in the Pro Kabaddi League, expressed that the sport of kabaddi has seen tremendous growth in Kenya

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Daniel Odhiambo

Daniel Odhiambo (Source: Twitter)

Hyderabad, 05th December 2022: All-rounder Daniel Odhiambo, who is currently part of the Patna Pirates squad in the vivo Pro Kabaddi League Season 9, expressed that the sport of kabaddi has seen tremendous growth in Kenya in the last six years. Odhiambo said, "Kabaddi has grown in Kenya since the 2016 Kabaddi World Cup. Now, there's kabaddi in almost every city in our country. We work hard to grow the sport in Kenya. We travel to different schools and colleges and introduce the sport across the country. It's our responsibility to spread the sport across the nation. We also thought of starting a Kabaddi League in Kenya, but we have not been able to do that yet.


Odhiambo added that a lot of people in Kenya also aspire to play in the vivo Pro Kabaddi League, "A lot of people know about kabaddi in my city. And there are a lot of people, who want to be like me and want to join the vivo Pro Kabaddi League. They feel good when they see me. They also believe that they will play in the League one day."

The all-rounder further added, "The people in Kenya watch vivo PKL highlights on YouTube. My family supports me a lot and they understand that kabaddi can be a career. I have liked being in India, but the food is a bit spicy for me. It's hard to adapt to the food here, so I don't try too many new dishes. I like to eat Dal Rice."

Odhiambo also said that he has picked up a few common Hindi words, "When the coach is speaking to the team, he mostly speaks in Hindi, but I understand most of what he says. Nobody has to translate for me. I interact with a lot of people in India and I have picked up some common Hindi words, which helps me to understand the language."


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