'Iski wajah se he hua hai ye' - Fans react to Venkatesh Prasad's tweet thanking Indian Cricket Board for additional ODI World Cup 2023 tickets

Venkatesh Prasad was delighted by the gesture made by the Indian Cricket Board after heavy backlash by fans over ODI World Cup 2023 tickets

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Venkatesh Prasad

Venkatesh Prasad (Source: Twitter)

Venkatesh Prasad, the former coach and bowler for India, has asked the Indian Cricket Board to begin selling tickets for the 2023 World Cup in a more 'transparent' manner. He claimed that rather than reserving the majority of World Cup tickets for corporations and members, they should have concentrated on satisfying ardent fans.


On the online platform of the tournament's official partner, BookMyShow, many fans had trouble purchasing tickets for the massive event, particularly for games involving India. They arrived on time to start the sale, but despite all seats being sold out in a matter of minutes, they were stuck in computerised lines for hours.

He tweeted a few days back stating his disappointment regarding the ticket sales. He said, "I urge the @BCCI to have more transparency in the World Cup ticketing system and not take fans for granted. Definitely in a stadium like Ahmedabad, for an #IndvsPak clash more than the sold 8500 tickets need to be available when the capacity is 1 lakh +."

He added, "Likewise for all other matches , a larger chunk needs to be for the fans. It will be more fulfilling if the diehard fan is kept happy and not deprived of this opportunity instead of reserving a large chunk for corporates and members."


I hope as many fans as possible get tickets: Venkatesh Prasad

The Indian Cricket Board said that it plans to distribute 400,000 tickets in the upcoming round of the tournament's ticket sales in response to the huge demand for tickets to the 2023 Men's ODI World Cup.

Following its negotiations involving the hosting state associations, the Indian Cricket Board also announced that the general purchase of tickets for all of the tournament's matches will begin on September 8 at 8 p.m. IST.


Venkatesh Prasad was on hand to thank the Indian Cricket Board for listening to the problems by the cricket fans all over the world. The Board received a lot of backlash but with this action they have tried to give what the fans wanted. He tweeted, "Glad that this is happening. I hope as many fans as possible get tickets and have a memorable time."

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