WATCH: Shubman Gill dismissed on 91 due to terrible mix-up with Kuldeep Yadav during third Test against England

After his poor run-out dismissal, Shubman Gill was fuming with his partner Kuldeep Yadav for the wrong call during the third Test against England in Rajkot.

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Shubman Gill

Shubman Gill, the Team India batter, was certain to get his fourth century in Tests. However, a disastrous mix-up involving Kuldeep Yadav claimed his wicket. Gill remained a key component of the Indian strategy as the team approached a 400-run advantage over England on Day 4 during the third Test in Rajkot. 


Just nine runs short of a triple-digit total, the superstar lost his wicket in the middle of the bat while batting on 91 due to a bad call. It seems sense that Gill was sad to see himself go so near to becoming 100.

Shubman Gill made a valiant attempt to dive to the opposite end of the pitch. But he was only inches away from making contact. Thinking back on his choice of running for a single, the batter fell short. Even though Gill was unable to turn his outstanding innings into a century, there is some positive news for Team India.

The return of experienced spinner Ravichandran Ashwin to the lineup for the last two days of play is going to be a major plus for the Indian team. Following his second day of play in Rajkot, Ashwin had to return home because of a family issue. He completely skipped the third day's play, but on the fourth, he came back to join his colleagues.


What had the Indian Cricket Board said on Day 2?

The Indian Cricket Board confirmed that Ravichandran Ashwin would miss the final three days of the third Test. It said, "The Indian Cricket Board is pleased to announce the return of Ravichandran Ashwin to the squad after a brief absence due to a family emergency. Ashwin had to temporarily withdraw from the squad after Day 2 of the 3rd Test in Rajkot to attend to a family emergency."

The statement added, "Both R Ashwin and the team management are pleased to confirm that he will be back in action on Day 4 and will continue to contribute towards the team's cause in the ongoing Test match."

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