Top 6 teams with most Test wins in India

Embark on a cricketing journey through the annals of history with our listicle, showcasing the top teams with the most Test victories on Indian soil

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Most Test wins in India

Most Test wins in India (Source: Twitter)

Embark on a cricketing journey through the annals of history with our listicle, showcasing the top teams with the most Test victories on Indian soil. From iconic battles to memorable victories, the list will unveil the powerhouses that have left an indelible mark in India's cricketing landscape.


Witness the strategic brilliance and resilience displayed by these teams as they navigated challenging conditions to claim historic wins. Whether it's Australia's dominance, England's test of mettle, or the subcontinental giants' formidable performances, our listicle will celebrate the teams that have triumphed on Indian pitches, leaving an enduring legacy in the world of Test cricket. It’s worth noting that only six travelling teams have been able to win a Test match in India.

#6. New Zealand (2 wins in 36 matches)

New Zealand


New Zealand's historical Test performances in India reflect a formidable challenge, with only two victories out of 36 encounters. Their struggle is evident in 17 losses and 17 drawn matches. The Kiwis secured their inaugural Test win on Indian soil in Nagpur in 1969, breaking new ground.

Nearly two decades later, in November 1988, they triumphed again in Mumbai. As New Zealand gears up for future contests, the narrative of their Test battles in India highlights both the rarity and significance of their victories, underscoring the immense challenge posed by the subcontinental conditions.

#5. South Africa (5 wins in 19 matches)


South Africa

South Africa's Test record in India also reflects a challenging history, with victories limited to five out of nineteen matches. Notable triumphs occurred in 1996, 2000 (2 matches), 2008, and 2010, showcasing South Africa's prowess in adapting to Indian conditions. However, since 2010, the Proteas have faced difficulties, failing to secure another Test win on Indian soil.

With 11 losses and three drawn matches, South Africa's journey in India epitomizes the formidable challenge presented by the subcontinental conditions, offering insights into the complexities and nuances of Test cricket encounters on Indian pitches.

#4. Pakistan (5 wins in 33 matches)


Pakistan's Test cricket history in India is marked by a modest yet impactful record. Out of 33 matches, the arch-rivals have secured victories in just 5 encounters, with 7 losses and 21 draws. Their triumphs came in 1952, 1987, 1999 (in two matches), 2005, and 2010.

However, since 2010, Pakistan has faced challenges, unable to clinch a Test win in India. As these statistics narrate a tale of competitive cricketing battles, the anticipation and fervour surrounding each subsequent series intensify, showcasing the enduring rivalry and the pursuit of cricketing glory between the two neighbouring nations.

#3. West Indies (14 wins in 47 matches)

West Indies

The West Indies' Test history in India paints a narrative of resilience and challenges. Out of 47 matches played, the Caribbean team has secured victories in 14, faced defeats in 13, and battled to draws in 20. Their last triumph on Indian soil dates back to 1994, signifying their enduring quest for success in this cricketing terrain.

As the West Indies grapple with the complexities of subcontinental conditions, each encounter becomes a chapter in their journey, showcasing the ebb and flow of performances that mark their presence in Test cricket against a formidable opponent like India.

#2. Australia (14 wins in 54 matches)


Australia's Test cricket legacy in India unfolds with triumphs etched in resilience. Out of 54 matches played, the Kangaroos boast 14 victories on Indian soil, showcasing their prowess against formidable opposition. Amidst the challenges, they have navigated to secure wins, adding memorable chapters to their cricketing history.

The battles have been intense, with 23 defeats and 16 drawn encounters shaping the narrative of Australia's Test campaigns in India. The last victorious stanza was penned in Indore in 2023, a testament to the enduring spirit and strategic brilliance that characterize Australia's endeavours on the challenging subcontinental pitches.

#1. England (15 wins in 65 matches)


England's Test cricket history in India unfolds with a noteworthy record of 15 victories out of 65 matches. Having faced 22 defeats and encountered 28 draws, the Three Lions showcase a blend of resilience and strategic prowess on Indian soil.

The recent triumph in the 2024 Hyderabad Test marked their 15th win, emphasising their ability to adapt and conquer in challenging conditions. As England continues to script its narrative on Indian pitches, each victory adds a new chapter to its storied legacy, symbolising the team's enduring spirit and prowess in the captivating realm of Test cricket.

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