PGL Asia-Pacific RMR; The MongolZ move to Upper Bracket Finals

The MongolZ and Lynn Vision reach upper bracket grand finals at the PGL Asia Pacific RMR, remaining six teams to fight their way through lower brackets

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PGL Asia Pacific RMR

The MongolZ have made their way forward to the upper bracket semifinals in the PGL Asia-Pacific RMR. In a best-of-one matchup, the team defeated Myth Avenue Gaming in the quarterfinals and Grayhound in the semifinals.


Grayhound, who defeated ATOX Esports in the quarterfinals will now need to survive the lower brackets. Teams in the lower bracket will need to continue securing a win for a chance to qualify for the PGL CS2 Major.

The Asia-Pacific RMR is also running a little differently from other RMRs. Matches are played in double-elimination brackets which feature only eight teams. Out of these, only two will make their way to the Major.

All matches in the upper and lower brackets will be played as best-of-one, apart from the grand finals which will be played as best-of-three.


Upper brackets

Apart from the MongolZ and, TYLOO defeated JiJieHao and Lynn Vision defeated Twisted Minds. Both teams faced each other in the upper bracket semifinals, with Lynn Vision coming out on top. The team will now face MongolZ, in the upper bracket final, while the loser will drop to lower bracket finals.

Lower Brackets


As of now, there are currently six teams in the lower brackets. These are Myth Avenue Gaming, ATOX Esports, JiJieHao, Twisted Minds, TYLOO and Grayhound.

Myth Avenue Gaming will be facing ATOX Esports, with the winner moving to the lower bracket quarterfinals against TYLOO. JiJieHao will face Twisted Minds, with the winner moving to face Grayhound in the lower brackets quarterfinals.

The matches for lower brackets will start on February 27 after the conclusion of the upper bracket semifinals. By the end of the day, two teams will reach the lower bracket semifinals.

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