iQOO BGMI India League delayed due to tech issues

Technical issues during Day 1 at iQOO BGMI India League has resulted in organizers postponing the matches, currently no information regarding any changes

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iQOO BGMI India League

iQOO BGMI India League

The iQOO BGMI India League 2024 was set to commence on February 22, however, due to some technical issues, the event has been halted. Currently, the fans and teams are waiting for an update regarding the situation.


Players were reportedly having internet and ping issues, leaving them unable to play properly. Due to multiple delays, it was decided to postpone the matches. The organizers apologized for the inconvenience to the teams and the fans visiting the venue.

“Due to unforeseen circumstances, we could not start the matches today, and we deeply regret the disappointment and inconvenience it may have caused you,” the official statement said.

Changes to schedule?


As per reports, all participating teams will now play 14 matches (7 each day) instead of 18 to conclude the tournament in time. However, there has been no official announcement from the organizers regarding any changes to the matches and format.

It is currently unknown how the technical issue will affect the tournament. No one knows if the tournament will run for the remaining duration with some adjustments or will see some more drastic changes like a date extension or a full postponement.

The issues also reflect upon the organizers as many fans start flaming them for not properly testing this kind of thing beforehand. Fans hope that the event will run for its full length, with the date extended, as it will give all teams a chance to perform well.


The BGMI India League is set to be one of the top-tier esports events for 2024 with a prize pool of INR 40 lakh. Instead, the fans visiting were disappointed on Day 1. All we can do is hope the issue gets resolved soon and an update on the matter.

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