iQOO BGMI India League cancelled amidst technical issues

With the persistence of latency and connectivity issues, the iQOO BGMI India League was cancelled by the organizers during the second match day

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BGMI India League

Fans in the BGMI esports community were left disappointed after the iQOO India League 2024 was cancelled due to technical issues.


The tournament grand finals were set to take place from February 22 to February 24. iQOO India League 2024 was set to be one of the largest BGMI LAN for this year featuring a prize pool of Rs 40 lakh with the winner taking Rs 16 lakh alone.

Day 1 issue turned out to be much worse

After a huge delay due to gameplay and latency issues on the first day of the tournament, the organizers halted the event while apologizing for the inconvenience. While people were disappointed, these issues were not unheard of.


Many believe that the event will run its usual course from the next day and maybe feature some changes. There was no update on the matter and the event started as usual on the next day. However, players and fans were not clear yet.

After the first match, which started after a delay, teams once again complained of similar issues. The live stream for the event was delayed and after sometime, it was revealed that the event has been cancelled.

Fans disappointed


Fans have expressed their disappointed across various social media platform. The event was set to feature top teams like SouL, GodLike and some newcomers in the scene. It seems the fans will have waited for the next LAN event for it to happen.

Several other fans and players defend the organizers saying this kind of this tend to happen especially if an event hosted on this large scale. They wish that they lean their lesson and prevent these things from happening in the future.

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