ESL BGMI Pro Series: Challenge Finals Day 1 overview

BGMI Pro Series starts with Orangutan dominating Day 1 with two chicken dinners creating a huge gap in points for others to chase, OREsports and Team SouL also picked up pace

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ESL BGMI Pro Series

Race of one of the biggest mobile esports championship, ESL BGMI Pro Series is back on. Top 16 teams from Challenge Season are now giving their best in the Challenge Finals, featuring a prize pool of Rs 1 crore.


The tournament will run from February 16 to February 18 and will feature 18 matches (6/day) and is taking place in front of a live audience. Day 1 of the event has concluded and Orangutan reigns on top after a solid performance with two chicken dinners and 85 points.

OREsports and Team SouL are in second and third place with 62 points each. OR, however, managed to secure a chicken dinner, pushing them above SouL for now. It remains to be seen how long they will be able to keep them on bay.

Few popular teams struggling


Team Iflick and Global Esports, who were in the top five of Challenge Season rankings, have not been able to make an impact for day 1. While Team Iflick managed a chicken dinner, their other matches did not go as the team expected.

Global Esports is also in the 14th place with 29 points. The team could not find enough impact in all six matches they played. On the flip side, few of the bottom team in Challenge Season are performing well in finals. As of now, the gap between the top teams and the bottom seem far too big.

Day 1 standings -


Orangutan - 85 points

OREsports - 62 points

Team SouL - 62 points

Blind eSports - 56 points

Chemin Esports - 50 points

Entity Gaming - 47 points

Team Forever - 47 points

Revenant Esports - 46 points

Hydra - 42 points

Carnival Gaming - 41 points

Team Iflick - 38 points

Gujarat Tigers - 31 points

WSB Gaming - 29 points

Global Esports - 29 points

GENxFM Esports - 26 points

Gods Reign - 25 points

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