BBD Dubai 2024; Upper Bracket Quarterfinals results

Upper Bracket Quarterfinals for BBD Dubai 2024 concludes with four teams moving on to the semifinals while other four pushed to lower brackets round one

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BBD upper bracket quaterfinals

Upper Bracket Quarterfinals for the ongoing Dota 2 tournament at BetBoom Dacha (BBD) Dubai 2024 has now concluded. Four teams have made their way to the Upper Bracket Semifinals, while the losers moved to Lower Bracket Round 1.


The matches took place on February 11 in a double-elimination bracket. Eight teams faced off each other in the best-of-three match up. Most of the games went by pretty quick considering it was a Dota 2 tournament, with each match averaging well over 30 minutes.

Here are the match results -

LGD Gaming Vs BetBoom Team


The first match was between LGD Gaming and BetBoom’s own Team. LGD faced a swift 2-0 defeat, with BetBoom closing the first match in 43 minutes and the second one in just over 30 minutes.

Team Spirit Vs Gaimin Gladiators

The next match between Team Spirit and Gaimin Gladiators also went by pretty quickly. Gaimin Gladiators dominated both the maps and ended the game in just over the one-hour mark.


Xtreme Gaming Vs Team Falcons

While Team Falcons did ultimately manage to beat Xtreme Gaming, the matches went on way too long. Despite that, Team Falcons managed a dominating 2-0 victory.

Team Liquid Vs Azure Ray

The first match saw a swift win for Azure Ray with a 21:4 score. Team Liquid also responded with a 21:16 victory in the second match, however, they lost the final map with a 45:21 scoreline.

Victors have now moved to Upper Bracket Quarterfinals. BetBoom Team will now face Gaimin Gladiators in the upper brackets, while Team Falcons will face Azure Ray. On the other hand, the losing teams will fight for a chance to reach Lower Bracket Quarterfinals.

LGD Gaming will face Team Spirit and Xtreme Gaming will face Team Liquid in the Lower Bracket Round 1 on February 12. Matches will be best of three and the loser will end their run for BBD 2024.

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