'So petty, I love her'- Twitter hails Shakira for removing former partner Gerrard Pique's photo from birthday cake

Shakira and former partner Gerrard Pique's relationship has ended on a sour note. A cake gifted to Pique's photo has internet buzzing.

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Gerrard Pique Shakira

Gerrard Pique Shakira

Colombian singer Shakira and Spanish footballer Gerard Pique celebrated their birthdays separately for the first time in 12 years following their announcement of a split half a year ago. Shakira marked her 46th birthday with jubilation, receiving gifts and cakes from her fans, while Pique celebrated his 36th with a solitary message.


Despite the joyous mood, Shakira received a birthday cake from the Spanish press with a surprise twist. The cake featured a photo of her with Pique, as well as figurines of Twingos, Ferraris, Rolex watches, and Casios, reminding her of their ongoing dispute.

However, before sharing the cake on social media, Shakira made a significant change to the original design. She carefully removed Pique's portrait from the cake, leaving a noticeable mark where it used to stand. The modified cake still had other figurines but without Pique's picture. This simple act of removing her former partner's image from her birthday cake has sparked discussions and speculations about the state of their relationship.

Many fans and followers were quick to point out that this gesture could be a sign of Shakira distancing herself from her past relationship with former Barcelona defender Pique. The release of her new song, lashing out at the athlete, also adds to the speculation of a strained relationship between the two. Some fans believe that the song is a reflection of her feelings towards Pique, while others believe that it's just a coincidence.


Regardless of the reasons behind Shakira's actions, it's clear that their separation has not been easy for either party. The two shared a strong bond, and their split has come as a shock to many fans. However, as time passes, it's evident that both Shakira and Pique are moving on with their lives, finding new ways to celebrate their birthdays and embrace their future.

In conclusion, the birthday celebration of Shakira and Pique highlights the challenges of moving on after a breakup, especially when the two people involved had a strong connection. Although it may take time and effort, it's important for individuals to embrace their new beginnings and focus on finding happiness and peace in their lives.

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