Mauricio Pochettino’s advance talk with Chelsea leaves Tottenham fans surprised

Tottenham Hotspurs' fans are worried as reports of Mauricio Pochettino becoming new Chelsea Manager accelerating quickly

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Mauricio Pochettino and Spurs fans

Mauricio Pochettino and Spurs fans (Image Source: Twitter)

Chelsea are having a horrible season in this ongoing English Premier League (EPL). They are currently in the 11th position with 39 points in 31 games. However, former Chelsea player, Frank Lampard is currently managing the team as the interim manager. But, now, reports have come out that the ex-Tottenham coach, Mauricio Pochettino is in advanced talks with Chelsea for the manager’s job. 


Pochettino has experience coaching in this league. He was the coach at Southampton from 2013 to 2014. Then, he coached Tottenham Hotspurs from 2014 to 2019. Under his coaching, Spurs also reached the final of the UEFA Champions League in 2019. So, reports of him becoming the new Chelsea manager have left Spurs fans shell-shocked.

Both Chelsea and Spurs have faced issues this season regarding their respective management

Both Chelsea and Spurs are London-based clubs and carry a historical rivalry between them. Pochettino is still very popular in North London. But, if he finally becomes the new manager for the Blues, Spurs fans will be in tears. Former Bayern Munich manager, Julian Nagelsmann was one of the shortlisted candidates for Chelsea. But, as of now, he has withdrawn from the race and Pochettino is the new front-runner.

Regarding such reports, some Spurs fans shared their views on Twitter. One fan wrote: “I’m going to be gutted if we let Poch go to Chelsea when we’re in desperate need of a manager. Feels like a betrayal from him too after all his talk of loyalty to his clubs and how they were arguably as big of a rivalry as Arsenal during his tenure.”          

Another fan wrote: “I would be absolutely gutted if Poch went to Chelsea, but I wouldn’t blame him at all. He’s out of work and Spurs haven’t approached him. My anger would be firmly aimed at Levy and his inability to read the room. It seems that a fairytale return is not going to happen and that Poch will be the next Chelsea manager,” a fourth said. “Absolutely gutted and it will hurt to see him do well there but he owes our board nothing. If they didn’t come knocking he has every right to seek employment elsewhere”.