‘Italian clubs will lose domestic privileges if they join unauthorized competitions’ – Italian Football Association

The league was created and suspended within 72 hours

Gabriele Gravina
(Image Credit Twitter)

The controversial European League wrecked havoc in the football world. It was created and suspended within a span of three days. But between those 72 hours, a lot happened. The clubs were widely criticized for their involvement in the league, UEFA went to an extent and said that all the clubs involved in the league would be banned from representing their countries. Manchester United executive vice-chairman Ed Woodward stepped down from his post following the controversy. Several players including Cristiano Ronaldo strongly opposed the league while the likes of Zinedine Zidane voiced their opinion in favour of the league.

Among the 12 clubs, Juventus, AC Milan and Inter Milan represented Italian football. Now, Italy’s football federation (FIGC) has released a statement and condemned the league. They have also added a new clause to their rules that could lead to the clubs getting banned from domestic competitions. 

Gabriele Gravina, head of Italy’s football federation also released a statement which read that any club that join any unauthorized league will be stripped of their domestic league privileges.

“Whoever is considering joining a competition which is not authorized by UEFA, FIFA and FIGC will lose its membership. Anyone who has interpreted the Super League as a simple act of weakness on the part of some clubs experiencing economic difficulties is wrong. At the moment we have no news about who has stayed and who is out of the Super League,” Gravina said, reports ESPN.

“This regulation will be inserted in the national licenses and will then be embedded into the code of sporting justice. If, by the deadline for applications to the national championships on June 21, someone joins up to other private leagues, they will not take part in our championship.”



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