FC Barcelona and Real Madrid prohibited from using ‘El Clasico’ term

Barcelona and Real Madrid are banned from using the term 'ElClasico' after having a dispute with the league

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Barcelona vs Real Madrid, La Liga

Barcelona vs Real Madrid, La Liga (Image Source: Twitter)

FC Barcelona have been enjoying a great La Liga season as they have already won the league. As of now, Barcelona are in the top spot with 85 points in 36 matches. While their arch-rivals, Real Madrid are in the second spot with 74 points in 36 games. But, ahead of their last two games, they got banned from using the ‘El Clasico’ term anymore.


‘El Clasico’ is a term that gets used to point out the FC Barcelona vs Real Madrid clashes. But, now, they can not promote their fixtures against each other by using the term, as per Revelo. The patent and trademark office in Spain has claimed that the ‘ElClasico’ term gets used by ‘La Liga’. So, if these clubs continue the term then, there is a risk of confusion.

“It has been an extraordinary job.” - Barcelona head coach, Xavi Hernandez 

However, both these clubs have a month to decide whether or not to appeal the decision. On the other hand, there is a chance of harming the reputation of the league if these teams continue to use the term. So, it will be interesting to see how the whole things come out in the upcoming days.

However, after winning the La Liga, Barcelona head coach, Xavi Hernandez said: "It was a very emotional moment, a moment very hard not to celebrate after so many months of work. We didn't celebrate just because it was Espanyol's stadium. (It brings) a lot of calm, a lot of hope for the future. I am very happy. We did a great job, a league won with four games remaining, that's to the absolute merit of the team." It is their first La Liga Title after their club legend, Lionel Messi left in August 2021.

While talking to Movistar Plus, Xavi said: "We are left with a magnificent feeling, more than 10 months of work, of sacrifice. It has been an extraordinary job. For the fans, for the club, winning it was vital for the stability of the project, we must continue on this path. This League means that we are doing things very well, this gives us stability, although we still have the unfinished business of European competition."

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