Euro 2020: Rules you might not be aware of

If two teams facing each other in their final group game are dead level, and the match ends in a draw, their position in the group is decided by a penalty shoot-out

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24 teams will be competing in a month-long tournament to get their hands on the prestigious Euro 2020 title. In the group stages, teams get three points for a win, ties are decided by head to head stats before overall group comparison starts with goal difference. These are some basic rules that everyone must be aware of. However, there are some hidden rules that a common fan might know and here we’ll reveal some of those rules.

The trophy stays with the UEFA

The official Euro 2020 trophy that is presented to the winner is taken back and stays with UEFA. The winner takes home a full-size replica. The winners also get 40 gold medals while the runners ups receive 40 silver medals

Penalty shoot-out to decide the standings

If two teams facing each other in their final group game are dead level, and the match ends in a draw, their position in the group is decided by a penalty shoot-out (unless there is another nation on the same number of points, in which case normal tie-break rules apply).

Match to resume next day in case of interruptions

If the match cannot be completed for any possible reason, it is completed on the next day, if possible at the same venue. The match will resume from the minute at which it was stopped. Teams will be allowed to exchange the players from the squad. However, players who were suspended or sent off cannot be used as replacements.

Teams need to submit their match sheet 75 minutes before kickoff.

Both sides must reach the stadium at least 75 minutes before the kick-off time, which is also the deadline for the submission of match sheets to the officials. Teams are also given the countdown to kick-off, letting them know when to start warm-up, when they should be ready to move out for the national anthem. The anthem cannot exceed 90 seconds.

Mandatory for the players to carry their passport

The players participating in the tournament must carry their passport with them. Regulation 46.02 states: “Each player taking part in the competition must be in possession of a valid passport or identity card of the country for which he is playing, containing a photograph and giving full particulars of his date of birth (day, month, year). Otherwise, he will not be allowed to take part in the competition.”

Goalkeeper has to weak shirt number 1

Shirt numbers 1 to 26 are given to the squad members. The number one must be worn by the goalkeeper but the other 25 are at the teams’ discretion.

Players must be available for Interviews

One player from each team is required to speak to the host broadcaster, or their main home TV rights-holding broadcaster, immediately after the match. Also, the coach and at least four players, who played a key role in the match, from each team, including the official Man of the Match, must be available to all TV and radio rights-holders to speak within 15 minutes after the end of the match.

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