'Auraat hee panauti hai' - Fans erupt as Bayern Munich sources say Julian Nagelsmann's girlfriend a big reason for parting ways

Julian Nagelsmann sacking was related to his girlfriend's job and related issues in the dressing room. Here's more with fans' reactions.

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Julian Nagelsmann sacking linked to girlfriend

Julian Nagelsmann sacking linked to girlfriend (Source: Twitter)

In light of their 3-0 overall victory over Paris Saint-Germain to reach the Champions League quarterfinals, where they will meet Manchester City next month, Bayern Munich's decision to fire Julian Nagelsmann is made even more puzzling to outsiders. Despite signals from club insiders that all was not well behind the scenes, Bayern fans would attest that the team has not performed at its normal high level since the World Cup.


Thomas Tuchel, a former Dortmund, PSG, and Chelsea coach, has already been announced as Nagelmann's replacement on a two-year contract. Markus Babbel, a former Bayern player, asserted that Nagelsmann's romance with Munich-based BILD reporter Lena Wurzenberger played a role in the decision to fire him.

‘His relationship was a huge topic in the dressing room’ – Markus Babbel

“I know that Nagelsmann’s relationship with a BILD reporter was a huge topic in the dressing room. It didn’t go down well at all that he was with her. His girlfriend was, therefore, a big problem for Bayern. There was a lack of trust because some players just weren’t able to communicate what they were thinking anymore. Because they were afraid that everything would end up in the newspaper,” Babbel revealed.


After divorcing his wife last summer, Julian Nagelsmann started dating the BILD-employed 30-year-old football journalist. However, she was forced to resign from her post as a reporter for BILD the previous year due to her love relationship with the manager of the very team she covered. Also, it was stated that there was a "loss of trust" in the Bayern locker room due to Nagelsmann's ties with Wurzenberger.

In a statement to the German Presse-Agentur on Wurzenberger's departure, publisher Axel Springer Verlag stated: “We have complied with and wish her every success in the future.”

When the team's tactical plans started to show up in BILD earlier this month, there was concern that information was escaping from the locker room. Despite the lack of proof linking Nagelsmann or Wurzenberger to the leaks, the incident did little to elevate the manager's standing among the players. Wurzenberger kept working for BILD even though she stopped covering the Bundesliga club, but she will be leaving at the end of the month.

Here’s how fans reacted to the erupting controversial updates: