Skyesports Champions Series BGMI Finals: Blind Esports remain no. 1 in points table followed by Soul Esports, Team VST

Take a look at overall standings and team's performance after day 3 in the Skyesports Champions Seires BGMI Finals.

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Soul Esports (Source - Twitter)

Soul Esports (Source - Twitter)

The 3rd day of the Skyesports Champions Series BGMI Finals took place on June 16 where the fans witnessed another action-packed 6 matches on YouTube and Loco. Blind Esports maintained their dominant position in the championship with 174 points which included 66 placement points and 108 total finishes. They were also the first team to cross the 100-point mark that too on the 2nd day of the tournament. 


They are followed by Team Soul who have managed to jump 1 spot with 131 points which included 48 placement points and 83 total finishes. They performed really well in the 5th match of the day which was played at Sanhok map. Team Soul took the ‘winner winner chicken dinner’ with 14 finishes in which their IGL (in-game leader) Sahil ‘Omega’ Jakhar led the team from the front and grabbed 6 finishes.

Popularly known as ‘Clutchshat’, Soul Akshat also took 8 finishes from the match and 3 were from the table-toppers Blind Esports. Team VST are at the 3rd position with 126 points in which 53 are placement points and 73 finish points. Their IGL ‘Saumraj’ has been very consistent in keeping the team in the top 3 spots. He was first in a contract with ‘Skylights Gaming’ and won the first official tournament of the game with them called Battlegrounds India Series (BGIS) but they later disbanded the lineup as the game got banned.

Poor performance by Godlike Esports

It won’t be wrong to say that Godlike Esports are one of the most liked teams in the Indian gaming community, especially their BGMI players like ‘Jonathan’, ‘Neyoo’ and others. However, their performance in the Skyesports tournament is not so good as they are currently in the 13th position with only 79 points which included 14 placement points and 65 finish points.

The lack of placement points has been a big problem for the team. Despite having a great IGL like  ‘Shadow’ in the team, they are still struggling. Interestingly, they also have their former IGL in the team ‘Clutchgod’ but there is no progress in their performance. However, there are still 2 days left of the finals and surely they will look to make a remarkable comeback.