Playground Season 2: Controversy in the house as Kyle gives Pink Ball to friend Jessica, igniting accusations of favoritism

Controversey has taken shape in Playground Season 2 as Kyle has been accused of favouring her friend Jessica over others.

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Playground Season 2

Playground Season 2 (Image source: Twitter)

In the latest episode of Playground Season, Kyle's decision to give the coveted Pink ball to his friend Jessica has sparked controversy among other players. The Pink ball is a game-changer, allowing the chosen player to avoid being benched for an entire week. The decision to give the ball to a certain player can make or break a team's performance.


Ayan Ali, one of the players in the show, expressed his disappointment with Kyle's decision. He accused Kyle of playing favorites and trying to maintain his friendship with Jessica. This accusation is not new as there have been previous instances where Kyle has been accused of favoritism. Ali's comment highlights a common issue in team sports, where favoritism can create a rift between teammates and affect the overall team's performance.

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Another player added fuel to the fire by stating that it's always Jessica who gets the special treatment. This is a significant issue as it shows that the player is not being selected based on their skills and performance. It can create a feeling of resentment among other players, affecting team dynamics and creating divisions within the team.

However, Kyle's decision to give the Pink ball to Jessica could be based on the fact that she is an integral part of the team. Her performance in the previous games could have been the deciding factor. It is also possible that Kyle has a strategic reason for his decision.

AAA Warewolves still top the leaderboard

On the other hand, the Playground Season 2 leaderboard shows that the AAA Warewolves are dominating the game with 207.70 lakh rumbles. The Dare Dragons are at the second position with 167.19 lakh rumbles, while the Power Phoenix and Op Unicorns are trailing behind with 151.71 lakh and 87.56 lakh rumbles, respectively. The Ko Krakens are at the bottom of the leaderboard with 55.03 lakh rumbles.

Kyle's decision to give the Pink ball to Jessica has caused a stir among the players. The accusation of favoritism is not new in team sports, but it is important to select players based on their performance and skills. At the end of the day, the performance of the team is what matters, and the leaderboard shows that the AAA Warewolves are currently dominating the game.