NODWIN BGMI Champions Cup: Here's how overall standings look like after Day 2

Take a look at the overall standings and performance after the 2nd day of the Nodwin BGMI Champions Cup 2023.

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Gods Reign (Source - Twitter)

Gods Reign (Source - Twitter)

Day 2 of the Nodwin BGMI Champions Cup League came to a close after another 6 interesting matches. Gods Reign continued their domination on the 2nd day as well and took the pole position with 68 points in 6 matches, which included 47 finish points and 21 placement points, followed by Soul Esports (67 points), who finished as the 1st runner-up in the recently concluded Skyesports Championsh Series BGMI.


The winner of the Skyesports event, Blind Esports acquired the 3rd position with 67 points. They are continuously proving their skills with their consistent performance in the multiple BGMI tournaments which are being played these days. 7 Seas managed to grab the 4th sport with 60 points, however, they didn’t have a great time on Day 2 as they could only earn 26 points in the 4 matches they played.

Blind Esports started the day with a brilliant chicken dinner in the first match on the 2nd day which was played in the Sanhok Map. Godlike Esports are on their way for a comeback as they emerged victorious in the 2nd match which was played on Erangel. Big Brother Esports displayed why are they one of the most underrated squads by taking the chicken dinner in the 3rd match in Miramar.

Team XSpark and Revanant Esports looking for a comeback

One of the oldest teams in the Indian Gaming community, Team 8bit won the 4th match of the day, while Soul Esports, who were playing without their regular IGL (In-game leader), Soul Omega, took the chicken dinner in the 5th match with a whopping 15 finish points. Blind Esports ended their day with another chicken dinner which helped them to reach the 3rd position.

However, teams like Revenant Esports, Team XSpark and many more displayed poor performance on both Day 1 and 2 due to which they were unable to make it to the top 16 squads after the 2nd day. But they will surely look for a comeback on the 3rd day which will take place on June 23, IST 1 PM on Nodwin Gaming's YouTube Channel and on the Rooter app.

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