FaZe Clan and Team Falcons qualify for IEM Katowice Semifinals

FaZe Clan and Team Falcons win their respective Quarterfinals matches in the IEM Katowice, will move forward to semifinals against MOUZ and Team Spirit

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Faze Clan and Team Falcons

FaZe Clan and Team Falcons

FaZe Clan and Team Falcons have bested their opponents in the Intel Extreme Masters (IEM) Katowice Quarterfinals and will now be facing the winners of group stages for a chance to reach the grand finals.


This year’s grand final is also extremely important as it will be providing a direct spot in three other Counter-Strike 2 (CS2) international tournaments. These include the IEM Cologne 2024, BLAST Premier World Final and the Esports World Cup 2024.

FaZe Clan Vs G2 Esports

A power struggle between two of the most famous esports teams was seen during the IEM Katowice Quarterfinals. Both teams house some of the legends in the Counter-Strike community. Fans were excited to see the teams clash and struggle to secure a spot in the semifinals.


However, the matches went by pretty quickly, with Faze dominating G2 in the first two matches. G2 did not even have a chance to reach overtime, let alone the third match.

The first match was played on Inferno, where both teams put up a fight. Faze, however, seemed ready for G2 and did not let them reach double digits on the scoreboard. The match ended with a 13-9 score in favour of Faze Clan.

Continuing their onslaught on the second map, Faze once again dominated G2 Esports. The teams did not let G2 breathe, ending the game even more quickly with a 13-6 score.


Team Falcons Vs ENCE

What people expected in Faze Vs G2, got in Falcons Vs ENCE with both teams putting up a fight to move forward. The teams ended up playing all three maps, however, ENCE faced defeat by the hands-on Falcons.

The first map saw a straightforward game with the Falcons dominating ENCE in Mirage with a 13-5 score. ENCE were quick to return the favour on the second map of Overpass with a comeback and a dominating win with a 13-9 score.

This led the game to a decider map of Nuke, where both teams struggled to one-up each other. The match finally came to a close with a 13-11 score in favour of Team Falcons.

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