Yuzvendra Chahal hilariously hacks Rajasthan’s Twitter account, announces himself as team’s captain

Yuzvendra Chahal is one of the funniest cricketers of this era. He is very popular for his social media shenanigans. Owing to the fact that Rajasthan’s Twitter handle post a lot of memes, several fans were excited about the prospect of Chahal making some fun content on social media pertaining to his new franchise.

It is to be noted that the leggie recently landed in Mumbai. It was on Wednesday when he engaged in fun banter with the admin of Rajasthan’s Twitter account. It all started when the franchise posted a video of Chahal, and tried to cheekily pull his leg. In the video, they made fun of the fact that the spinner was ordering a lot of food.

After which, Chahal replied to the tweet, and funnily threatened to hack Rajasthan’s Twitter account. At first, the users thought of it to be a joke, but what transpired after that was nothing short of entertaining as Chahal did indeed hack the account.

“Yeah account hack kar dunga ab main 不不” read Yuzvendra Chahal’s initial Tweet. After which, he started Tweeting from the franchise’s official handle. A series of tweets where Chahal was seen tweeting from the account of the 2008-champions started to flood the Twitter feed of all the cricket fans.

In one of the tweets, Chahal announced himself as the new Rajasthan captain. In another, he enquired about Ravichandran Ashwin, and asked if there was someone else in his life. Post which, he posted a meme as well.

At the end, he seemingly sent a message to Jos Buttler, from Rajasthan’s account. Although everything seemed scripted, it was still hilariously chuckle-worthy, to say the least. This hacking episode instantly started trending.

Many fans went to Rajasthan’s Twitter account to see what was actually happening. Thus, it will be exciting to see Chahal’s on-field performances for the franchise in the upcoming edition of the Indian T20 League.

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