'Ye kya hogya yaar' - Fans react as Thiruvananthapuram stadium gets flooded by rain a day before second T20I between India and Australia

Thiruvananthapuram stadium gets flooded by rain a day before second T20I between India and Australia. India has a lead of 1-0 currently in the series.

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Stadium gets flooded before T20 match

Thiruvananthapuram (Source: Twitter)

The stadium in Thiruvananthapuram is flooded with water after a heavy rainfall in the city just a day before the second T20I maatch between India and Australia. Due to the flooding, the pitch was enveloped with the covers. The outfield and other parts of the stadium were not covered, which led to uneven patches in the stadium. The field and the stadium requires proper drying before beginning of the match. 


India won the first T20I in Vishkhapatnam against Australia by 2 wickets. The home side overcame the challenge of Australia by beating them in their own stayle of play. India won the match and registered their highest ever chase in a T20I match. The good performance from the batting unit, despite minor hiccups, ensured India a crucial win in the first match of the series. 

While the first match happened without any major problems, in the south eastern part of the country, the second T20I is set to take place in the southern part of the country. Before fans could expect a thrilling contest from the two teams, the rain has engulfed the mood of both the teams. The Indian players were seen enjoying thier time away from cricket before the game. 

No rain forecast during the match


While rain did appear in the stadium today, it is unlikely to make its appearance on the matchday between India and Australia. The weather is clear for tomorrow with high humidity in the city. The main focus needs to be in making the outfield better for playing the match. The pitch was covered, which reduced the risks of drying it up. Before the match, the stadium is expected to be ideal for the play. 

The last time a match happened at the venue, there was high bounce and spin for the bowlers. The Indian team restricted South Africa to a total of under 100 runs and chased it down easily. The pitch for the match between India and Australia is expected to be better, as the two teams and the fans would love to see a lot of runs on the board. 

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