‘PCB mein sab doglapan hi hai’ - Fans react to Wasim Akram’s ‘Woh 6 din ke liye aaya tha’ comment on Ramiz Raja

Here is how the former Pakistan legend has slammed Ramiz Raja for his controversial comment after getting sacked as the PCB Chairman

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Wasim Akram and Ramiz Raja

Wasim Akram and Ramiz Raja (Image Source: Twitter)

The Pakistan Cricket Board sacked Ramiz Raja as the Chairman in December 2022. Then, they appointed Najam Sethi as the new Chairman. After that, Ramiz Raja came up with a huge remark involving two Pakistan legends Wasim Akram and Waqar Younis regarding Justice Qayyum’s report on match-fixing.


In an interview with Samaa TV, Raja said: “I think no one should have had the chance of coming back to Pakistan cricket. If Wasim Akram’s name is in there, and he was censored for not cooperating, right? It was a borderline case. If I was the decision maker at the time, I would’ve banned them forever.”

"Look, I don't want to discuss this.” - Wasim Akram on Ramiz Raja

“You brought them back to the system. I wasn’t in power at the time. We were told to play with them and work with them, and that was it. No one knew how to tackle that. So many people were involved in that. I don’t know what the compulsion was,” Ramiz Raja added.


Now, in an interview with Cricket Pakistan, Wasim Akram broke the silence on Ramiz's departure. The interviewer said: "There was a change in the Pakistan board. You talked about Najam Sethi, Ramiz Raja was removed..." Akram interrupted him and asked: "Who?" Then, the interviewer asked: "How would you rate Ramiz Raja as PCB chairman?"

In reply, Wasim Akram said: "Look, I don't want to discuss this. Woh 6 din ke liye aaya tha, ab woh wapas aa gaya hai apni jagah pe. (He came here for six days, and now he's back to where he belongs). Najam Sethi has the experience, and it's no concept that only cricketers should be PCB chairman. You need to be a good administrator, and you need to be a good communicator and build a good repo with other boards. Najam Sethi sahab is the best in that. People can disagree for all I care. It's my opinion," the former Pakistan pacer concluded. Hence, such comments left fans in shock as things are not looking good between two former Pakistan teammates.

Here is how fans have reacted to such ruthless comments from Wasim Akram:

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