The team that tops the WTC table should host the final, suggests Aakash Chopra

Chopra suggested the team that tops the WTC table should host the final

Aakash Chopra
Aakash Chopra ( Image Credit: Twitter)

The England-India Test series will mark the beginning of the second edition of the World Test Championship (WTC). The inaugural edition, which enjoyed great success, saw New Zealand being crowned as champions after beating India in the final. While many hailed ICC’s concept of the WTC, they were of the opinion that the Apex body needs to get rid of the minor glitches that were seen in the first season. The ICC was first criticized for staging the final in England despite knowing about the poor weather in the country while many believed that Test Championship should be decided in a three-match series. However, ICC have confirmed they are not going to make any changes in the WTC format.

Former Indian cricketer Aakash Chopra has some interesting suggestions for the ICC. The cricketer turned commentator opined the team that tops the WTC table should host the final.

“There are a couple of suggestions. You will not be able to change anything else as you have already announced that there will be only six series and home and away will have the same weightage but I have a suggestion for the final. The team that tops the WTC table should host the final,” said Chopra in a video on his YT channel.

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Chopra said if ICC decides to stick with one final format, they should stage the final in the country that tops that table. In contrast, if they opt for the best of three finals, they can host it in a neutral venue.

“You might have to move the final two-three months here or there because of that but it is fine if you are playing just one match. If you are going to have three, it is great, then you can do it anywhere.”

Chopra also reckoned the visiting team should be given the right to choose whether they want to bat or bowl. Chopra said with the host team in the final, people will come in huge numbers to support their team.

“When you are doing this, you should eliminate the toss. You should give the toss to the visitor, he can decide but it should happen where the hosts are.”

“When you do it in the host nation, there will be huge crowds which you are always worried about. So you will not have to think too much about that.”

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