Sri Lanka man shatters World Record after catching a ball from nearly 400 ft high drop

The Sri Lankan man managed to enter Guinness World Record

Man catches ball from 400 ft
Man catches ball from 400 ft (Image Credit: Twitter)

Thimothy Shanon Jebaseelan, a Sri Lankan man residing in Australia, shattered a Guinness World Record. He managed to catch a ball that was dropped by a drone 393 feet and 3 inches over the ground. Jebaseelan also had attempted the record for the highest catch in 2019 but that was not a successful attempt as he broke his fingers.

However, the minor mishap did not manage to break his confidence as he came back stronger two years later and caught the ball from nearly 400 feet. Jubaseelan hence broke the previous record set by Kristen Baumgartner of England in 2019.

“Breaking a Guinness World Records title is my dream. Ever since I was a kid I have been dreaming of this,” Jebaseelan told Guinness.

The Sri Lankan man’s craze to have the record is an inspiring story itself. Catching a ball from that height is not everyone’s cup of tea and it takes a lot of effort and practice to achieve the feat.

Jebaseelan managed to hold on to catch from a staggering 400 feet speaks volumes of his concentration and determination. Not for a second, the Sri Lankan would have blinked. The youngster defied the odds and managed to etch his name in Guinness book.

Jabaseelan’s efforts and his story would be part of cricketing folklore. It will also inspire other young people to never give and keep chasing their dreams come what may. For now, the Sri Lankan man would cherish the record and celebrate it.

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