Six weird rules in cricket that you probably don't know

Cricket is a game where even the smallest of things can make a huge difference. Lets us look at some of the most weird rules in cricket

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May 17, 2021 13:28 IST
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Weird Cricket Rules

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Cricket is a game where even the smallest of things can make a huge difference. Remember the final of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019, where England were declared World Champions on the count of scoring more boundaries. Bizarre, isn't it? The ICC later scrapped the boundary count rule but it was just one of the many weird rules that cricket have. Let’s take a look at some of them


Cricket can be played without bails

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We have seen many instances where the ball hits the stumps but the bails didn’t fell. Consequently, the batsman is declared not out. But do you know that cricket can be played without the bails? Yes, it’s within the laws of the game. The most recent incident of the same was when Afghanistan played against West Indies on June 9, 2017. The wind was so heavy that it was impossible for the bails to stay on stumps thus the umpires decided to proceed without the bails.


Penalty on hitting the helmet

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Five penalty runs are awarded to the batting side if the ball hits the helmet when it’s kept on the ground. Also, if the fielder willfully stops the ball with anything apart from his body, it can lead to the umpires giving five penalty runs to the batting side. Fake fielding attempts to deceive the batsmen can also cost extra penalty runs.


Forfeiting a complete innings

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It is within the laws to forfeit an innings. It happened in a Test match between England and South Africa in 2000. The match was marred with heavy rains. South Africa posted 248/8 in their first innings before Hansie Cronje and Nasser Hussain decided to forfeit England’s first innings and South Africa’s second innings. England were given a target of 249 to win which they chased with two wickets to spare.

Not out if the glove is not in contact with the bat

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Generally, the batsman is declared out if the ball has hit the gloves and the fielder has taken the catch. However, one of the conditions to rule the batsman out is that the hand or the glove of the batsman should be in contact with the bat. If it isn't, the batsman will stay not out.

The ball will be declared dead if it hits a foreign object inside the boundary

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If the ball hits any foreign object inside the ground, it is declared as a ‘dead ball’. There have been so many instances where the ball hit the spider cam and the umpires declared it dead. Also, Australia’s Marvel Stadium in Melbourne has a roof and if the ball hits the roof, it is considered dead.

No appeal, no wickets

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It’s mandatory for the opposition to appeal for a wicket. If the opposition doesn’t appeal, umpires cannot declare the batsman out.

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