'Sad coming from you' - Fans hit back at Kapil Dev for his negative comments on mental health

Here's how fans have reacted for Kapil Dev's negative comments on mental health of players and his request to them to not play cricket.

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Cricketers have been finding it difficult of late to cope with increasing demands and most take frequent breaks citing ‘mental pressure’. The former Indian skipper Kapil Dev, who was frustrated with hearing the words day and night, took on those players and requested them to stay from the sport. 


Speaking as a guest during Akash BYJU’s ‘Champions of Akash 2022’ program, Kapil said that the players must enjoy the game rather than complain about it. Further, the former Indian skipper recalled his days and said that players from his era never used to complain of mental depression. 

“I had a passion to play. That was the difference. I would change the subject slightly. I hear a lot on TV these days. People say ‘there’s pressure, we play Indian T20 League, there’s a lot of pressure’. I only say one thing, ‘don’t play’. What is this pressure? If you are passionate, there shouldn’t be any pressure,” Kapil said in the ‘Champions of Akash 2022’ program. 

Fans slam the former India skipper for mocking mental health


The legendary former cricketer further added that he was a farmer and he never had such issues. Mocking the players for complaining frequently, Kapil said that there can’t be pressure when there is enjoyment. 

“These ‘American words’ have come, be it pressure or depression. I don’t understand this. I am a farmer. That’s where I have come from. We played for enjoyment and where there’s enjoyment, there can’t be pressure,” said the former Indian allrounder 

However, this comment did not go well with the cricket fans, and they started slamming the legendary player for mocking mental health. Many opined that Kapil should have rather understood the players’ perspective as he was a part of the sport as well. 


Parenthetically, there has been a significant rise in the number of T20 leagues. In addition to that, players have also been participating in T10 leagues and various other leagues of different formats. The former Indian skipper’s comments received a lot of hate and backlash from fans on Twitter. 

Let us take a look at a few of such tweets: 

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