‘Real hypocrite and fake person’ – Irfan Pathan faces backlash from Twitter after his cryptic tweet on ex-Pakistan PM

Irfan Pathan appears to have developed a dislike for Pakistani fans after allegedly being called names.

Irfan Pathan-Imran Khan
Irfan Pathan-Imran Khan (Source: Twitter)

Irfan Pathan appears to have developed a dislike for Pakistani fans after allegedly being called names while covering the 20-20 World Cup for Star Sports. The former India cricketer didn’t waste any time in settling scores with a Pakistani fan, and he used his Twitter handle for it once more.

Previously, the cricketer retaliated against former Pakistan Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif after he tweeted in the aftermath of India’s ten-wicket loss to England in the 20-20 World Cup 2022 semi-final. As Pakistan fans celebrated India’s defeat in the big tournament, he fired back at Sharif, citing the difference between the two nations in terms of sportsmanship.

Pathan has now made a sly remark about the country’s political turmoil in a cryptic tweet. Recently, former Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan was shot in the foot while attempting to hold a march to Islamabad against the incumbent government. Although Irfan’s tweet remains unclear, it is assumed that he is targeting the entire Pakistan political establishment and the mess it has created.

“On SUNDAY our ex pm went out and came back Gracefully and safely. Padosiyo sunday esa Raha…” he wrote on Twitter. Meanwhile, he faced a lot of backlash, with some Pakistani fans resorting to personal insults.

Last month, Pakistan’s Prime Minister responded on Twitter, comparing India’s loss to Pakistan in the 20-20 World Cup 2021 to the semi-final loss. “So, this Sunday, it’s: 152/0 vs 170/0 #T20WorldCup,” he wrote.

The 152/0 was Pakistan’s score when they beat India in the 2021 T20 World Cup group stage match, while England scored 170/0 in the semi-final of the 2022 event to knock India out. Pathan had hit Sharif with an equally venomous tweet.

“Aap mein or hum mein fark yehi hai. Hum apni khushi se khush or aap dusre ke taklif se. Is liye khud ke mulk ko behtar karne pe dhyan nahi hai (This is the difference between you and us. We are happy with ourselves, you look for happiness when others are in trouble. That is why you are not concentrating on your country’s well-being),” he wrote.

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