PCB to allow 50 percent crowd in the Pakistan Super League

Karachi Kings
Karachi Kings (Image Credit: Twitter)

The National Command and Operation Center have allowed the PCB to permit 50% crowd in the stadium for the preliminary round matches and capacity crowds for the playoffs of the Pakistan Super League. In a statement released by PCB, the board have thanked the NCOC for their permission.

“We are most grateful to the NCOC for allowing the PCB to allow 50 percent of spectators for all remaining preliminary round matches and up to 100 percent spectators for the playoffs and final” Wasim said in the statement.

 He further added if the SOP are implented properly and everything goes well, they will consider increasing the crowd for the Lahore leg matches as well.

“However, following a careful review and keeping spectators health and safety at the forefront and taking into consideration the SOP implementation related challenges, the PCB has decided to opt for 50 percent crowd for all Karachi leg matches with the decision on increasing crowds for Lahore leg matches to be made in due course.

The PCB Chief Executive also requested all the spectators attending the matches to follow all the precautionary measures. He asked them to follow social distance and come to the venue wearing masks.

“ As a chef executive of the game’s governing body in Pakistan, it is my responsibilty to urge and request all spectators attending the Karachi and Lahore matches to come to the venues wearing masks, maintaining social distancing at all times and regularly using hand sanitizers. This is not only for their personal health and well being but also for those other spectators around them,” he added.

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