‘Khud pehle break leke example set kar’ - Fans troll Rohit Sharma for his viral statement over players taking break during Indian T20 League 2023

Here is how fans have slammed Rohit Sharma for his comment regarding players' rest during the upcoming Indian T20 League

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Rohit Sharma

Rohit Sharma (Image Source: Twitter)

Rohit Sharma failed to guide team India to victory in the third ODI in Chennai against Australia. As a result, the Men in Blue lost the ODI series 2-1 against Steve Smith and his men. Now, all players will be in action in the upcoming edition of the Indian T20 League. The tournament is going to kick off on 31 March 2023


However, there were reports that players’ workloads will be monitored throughout the tournament as players are required to be fit for the upcoming big tournaments like the ODI World Cup in India. But, after the series loss, Rohit Sharma said that he has a doubt that any player will look to take a break during the tournament. 

"They are all adults. So they have to look after their body” - Rohit Sharma

While speaking to the reporters in the post-match press conference, Rohit said that the workload management depends on franchises. He even claimed that players should be more careful about it as they need to look after their bodies.


The team India skipper said: "I mean, it's all up to the franchises now. The franchises own them now, so we've given some indications or some kind of borderline kind of thing to the teams. But at the end of the day it's up to the franchise and, most importantly it's the players you know, they have to take care of their own body.” 

"They are all adults. So they have to look after their body and just if they feel that it's getting a little too much, they can always talk about it and have a break in one or two games. I doubt that will happen but," Rohit Sharma said. 

He also shared that players are also frustrated with getting injuries and missing many games for any teams. He added: "Players are frustrated as well. They want to play they don't want to miss out. So yeah, I mean it is a little sad, but at the end of the day, you cannot really do too much. I can see, and I can vouch for it, that the people working behind the scenes are working really hard with all these layers and freakish injury can happen at any point in time like Shreyas was the best example.” 

Here is how fans have slammed Rohit Sharma for his statement regarding players’ break during the Indian T20 League 2023:


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