‘Kaun karta tha aisa debate’ - Fans react as AB de Villers puts end debate of being best finisher between him and MS Dhoni

Here is how fans have reacted as AB de Villiers answers fan about who is best finisher between him and MS Dhoni

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AB de Villiers and MS Dhoni

AB de Villiers and MS Dhoni (Image Source: Twitter)

AB de Villers and MS Dhoni are both known as one of the best batters in the World of Cricket. During their playing days, they used to put up top performances with the bat and finished the matches for their respective teams. Meanwhile, both players still enjoy a great fanbase all around the globe.


Hence, on social media, there has always been a debate about whether de Villers or Dhoni would be the best finners of all time. Now, in a Q&A session on his 360 show, a fan asked who’s a better finisher between him and Dhoni. In reply, the former Protea batter put an end and expressed his admiration for Dhoni.       

Here is the shared video:

“MS has done it so many times in all formats of the game." - AB de Villiers


De Villiers said: “Obviously me (laughs). No, I would say definitely MS Dhoni. I love watching him play. The things he has pulled off in the past… I think of that 2011 World Cup - hitting that straight six to win the World Cup. That will be engraved in my mind forever. MS has done it so many times in all formats of the game."

“There’s always been a big debate over who’s the best finisher - me or him? We can settle it now - I say MS is the best finisher. I am very happy to give credit where credit is due. For CSK in the T20s and IPL and for India in all formats of the game - just a fantastic person, just a fantastic man. A great role model for all cricket players around the world,” he further added.

Fans have witnessed both players in their prime for a long time while playing for several teams. In IPL, De Villiers played many years for Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) and Dhoni has only played for Chennai Super Kings (CSK). Both played a significant role for their countries, South Africa and India respectively and fans have always been impressed.with the way the have contributed.


Here is how fans have reacted:

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