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‘Cricket 22’ review: Flawed yet worth playing

This one of the the most awaited cricket games

Cricket 19
Cricket 19 (Image Credit: Twitter/cricket 19

As cricket is loved by several people across the globe, it is strange that the sports simulators like 2K Games’ NBA 2K22 and EA Sports’ Madden NFL and FIFA have not made a foray into this sport. Although Big ANT Studious cashed in and launched a series of cricket games in association with Cricket Australia and England Cricket Board. After the immense success of Cricket 19, the company launched its updated version Cricket 22. Cricket 22 is built around the framework of Cricket 19 and promises to take the cricket game to a whole new level. 

If this cricket game was to be compared with games of the sports such as FIFA 22, Cricket 22 has a Career Mode, where the user can select the starting club and tweak the bowling or batting style of the avatar, as was the case in previous edition as well. As the Big Ant Studios had to work with a low budget, the animations do have their flaws.

While some fans would be desperately wanting to put their team to India, and face-off against Pakistan, that wouldn’t be possible due to the licensed representation. The licensed teams are Australia, England, the West Indies, New Zealand, and Ireland. However, this is understandable as obtaining such licensing for a high amount of money isn’t a feasible option. The players though can download the teams and kits from community and enjoy.

Coming to the integral components with respect to the aesthetic appeal of the game, it is arcade-like, and is based on the timing dials. The stadiums are sparsely crowded and the textures and colour palette feels a bit too primary and basic as well, which could be a drawback, but still will give a decent feel. The games are short-affair, which leads to a more engaging contest while playing the game. Cricket 22 is something that the cricket fans of the gaming world will enjoy despite multiple flaws.

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