‘Commentary ka 2 anmol ratan’ – Fans go crazy as Peter Drury set to meet Harsha Bhogle during Test Championship Final in London

It all started on 25 May when a fan asked a question to Harsha regarding Peter Drury.

Harsha Bhogle and Peter Drury
Harsha Bhogle and Peter Drury (Image Source: Twitter)

Peter Drury is known as the most famous football commentator ever that embraced the game over the years. Now, ahead of the Test Championship Final at the Oval, England, a video has gone viral where Drury was seen claiming to meet the Indian commentator, Harsha Bhogle in London.

During a broadcast session of the Europa League final, he was seen saying: “Harsha Bhogle is my hero.” seeing that, fans went crazy and shared their views. Harsha is known as one of the biggest Indian commentators on sports, especially cricket. However, he also shared a tweet, saying: “He exaggerates so stylishly! Indeed #peterdrury, look forward to meeting you next week and sharing thoughts on sport and broadcasting.”   

Here is the shared video and the tweet by Harsha:

Fans can not wait to see these two together at the Oval

It all started on 25 May when a fan asked Harsha if he had ever met or listened to Peter Drury. He asked: “Have you listened to Peter Dury @bhogleharsha. Do you love his style.” In reply, he wrote: “Yes. I hope to meet him some day.” Then, another fan tweeted while tagging Jim Beglin to make this happen. He wrote: “@jimbeglin Please make this happen!”

In reply to that, Beglin wrote: “Might well be tricky as @bhogleharsha would need to travel to England or Peter would need to travel to India. I’ll be with Peter tonight so I’ll mention it to him.” Then, Harsha and Beglin got involved in the chat and the conversation finally got shifted to ‘DM’s. Speaking of the Test Championship final, Australia will take on India at the Oval, England. In the 2021-23 Test Championship Cycle, Australia finished at the top with 66.67% in 19 matches while the Men in Blue finished in the second spot with 58.80% in 18 matches. The match is set to take place from 7-11 June while 12 June is the reserve day if the game gets affected due to any circumstances.

Here are the tweets:

Here are some tweets:


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