Chris Morris went for ‘a lot more money than I would have ever paid’- Kevin Pietersen

Rajasthan Royals shelled a whopping 16.25 crores for Chris Morris

Chris Morris
Chris Morris Image source: (BCCI/IPL)

Royal Challengers Bangalore tried to be cheeky and released Chris Morris ahead of the IPL auction. Maybe, they thought they’ll buy him at a cheaper price in the mini-auction. However, things got tricky as Mumbai Indians, Rajasthan Royals and Punjab Kings also entered the bid and it was the Royals who acquired his services for a whopping 16.25 crores.

Talking about Morris’ hefty price tag, former England batsman Kevin Pietersen reckoned that Chris Morris was not worth INR 16.25 crores.

“This is going to sound harsh, but he (Morris) went for a lot more money than I would have ever paid for, to be completely honest,” Pietersen said during a TV show.

He further added that the hefty price tag has added a lot of pressure on the all-rounder, adding that he is not even the first choice cricketer for his national team South Africa. He reckoned that the Rajasthan Royals expected a little too much from him.

“I just don’t think that he’s worth that kind of number. I think there’s pressure on him,” Pietersen said while speaking exclusively on the Star Sports Live Feed Select Dugout.

“He’s not a first choice for the South African side. So, I think we’re expecting too much, Pietersen added.

“There’s too much talked about him. I don’t think he’s the kind of guy that’s going to consistently deliver.

Pietersen explained that Morris does not have the consistency to deserve that much amount.

“I mean this with the greatest deal of respect. There’s nothing special about what he does, and if he does run-in, he’ll run-in for two games. And then he’ll go missing for a few games and it’s not the kind of thing that you should be seeing. He has the attributes,” Pietersen added.

Morris played a crucial role in Rajasthan Royals’ only win in the IPL 2021, scoring an unbeaten 36 but he has been disappointing with the ball. The South African has claimed five wickets in as many matches at an economy of 9.92.

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