‘Badi badi baaton karne se pehle aukat dekhlo apni!’ – Fans go berserk over Javed Miandad’s “India can go to hell…” statement

Asia Cup 2023 might happen in UAE instead of Pakistan as per reports.

Javed Miandad and Jay Shah
Javed Miandad and Jay Shah (Image Source: Twitter)

Asia Cup 2023 has been in the headlines since the start of the 20-20 World Cup in 2022. Initially, Jay Shah said that India will not visit Pakistan for the Asia Cup and that the tournament will take place in a different place. Now, after the Asian Cricket Council’s (ACC) emergency meeting on 4 February in Bahrain, reports came out that the tournament might get shifted to UAE from Pakistan. 

Now, regarding that former Pakistan cricketer, Javed Miandad slammed India for their approach in a recent public event. He said: “India can go to hell if they don’t want to come to Pakistan to play cricket. I’ve always backed Pakistan. And you know that I don’t leave spare India whenever an issue arises. But the thing is we need to look at our part. And we should fight for it. 

“They are bet losers. The public there need to understand.” – Javed Miandad

“We don’t care because we are getting to host our cricket. This is Governing Body of Cricket’s job. If Governing Body of cricket can’t control this there’s no use for the governing body. They need to implement similar rules for every team. If teams like these don’t come, they should be debarred. India hoga, apne liye hoga. Hmare liye nahi hai,” Miandad added. He also claimed that India might have a fear of losing to the Men in Green in Pakistan and that is why they are not coming to the country.

Miandad said: “Come and play. Why don’t they? They run. For them, it becomes trouble if they come here and lose to us. The public there can’t stomach it. It’s always been the case. During our time, they used to not play because of the same reason. Riots and fighting take place there. The crowd there is very nasty. You would’ve seen whenever India loses, to anyone, the crowd there burns down houses. When we used to play, they had faced such troubles.”

“They are bet losers. The public there need to understand. Cricket is a sport. If you don’t play well, you deserve to lose. If I play well, I deserve to win. Rather you go into other things. What good is that? I say this to the Governing Body of Cricket, if anyone does resort to such ways, Governing Body of Cricket need to be strict. If you’re India, so what? If any country behaves this way, Governing Body of Cricket need to take action. Such teams should be removed to learn a lesson,” Javed Miandad concluded. Hearing such comments from the former Pakistan cricketer, fans went crazy and slammed him brutally. 

Fans came up with some brutal comments about Javed Miandad after his statement

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