Australia players rattled by falling Chinese rocket debris in Maldives

As many as 37 Australians including players, coaches, support staff and commentators are serving their quarantine in Maldives

David Warner
David Warner (Image Credit: Twitter)

The Indian Premier League was postponed amidst the ravaging COVID-19 in India. However, by the time it was postponed, several countries had imposed travel restrictions for travellers from India. Australia too had banned direct flights from India and said that anyone escaping to Australia from India would be put behind the bars. As a result, the Australian players, commentators and support staff were left stranded in India.

Since India was not safe to stay, the BCCI decided to fly the Australians to the Maldives where they will complete their mandatory quarantine before heading back to Australia. However, things turned scary when the Australians heard the sonic boom of Chinese rocket debris that crashed into the Indian Ocean on Sunday. The sudden noise left the Australian contingent stunned.

“We heard the bang around 5.30 a.m. this morning (Sunday). Experts say the noise we heard is the crack in the atmosphere which sets off a wave of sound not the actual impact of the rocket,” Warner told The Australian from Maldives.

China launched a module for setting up their first permanent space station and the rockets carrying the main module were known to enter the earth’s atmosphere around Saturday and Sunday. The China Manned Space Engineering Office expressed fears that the falling debris may cause some damage. Thankfully, the debris fell in the Indian ocean and no loss of life or property was reported.

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