Aakash Chopra predicts the future of Indian T20 League

Aakash Chopra believes that two Indian T20 Leagues will be conducted in one year in the coming years.

Aakash Chopra
Aakash Chopra: (Image Source: Twitter)

Indian cricketer commentator, Akash Chopra, has put forward his views on the future of the Indian T20 League. He reckons that there could be different editions of the Indian T20 League to be held every year. He also added that it might not happen next year but is likely to happen after 5 years.

The Indian T20 League has grown over the years to immense heights. It has surpassed EPL in terms of market value, with $6.3 billion in valuations as opposed to the $5.3 billion of the EPL. The addition of two teams in Lucknow Super Giants and Gujarat Titans was a natural evolution of the Indian T20 League and now many are arguing over more number of Indian T20 Leagues per year as well.

Chopra, who has been an integral part of the journey of the Indian T20 League, sounded confident that the Indian Cricket Board would look into introducing two Indian T20 League seasons each year. He is a strong believer in the requirement of more Indian T20 League editions but whether it would happen or not depends on the market.

The ex-Kolkata player also suggested two Indian T20 League editions with one bigger season and another smaller one to shake things up.

“When you talk about this, then you feel if two Indian T20 Leagues are required. It does not matter whether it is required or not. Will it happen or won’t happen? That is the big question and I feel it will happen,” said Chopra on his official YouTube channel.

He added, “It will not happen now, it will not happen in this rights cycle, it will not happen in the next five years, but it will happen in the five years after that. It will 100% happen, there will be a big IPL, where there will be 94 matches, and one small IPL which will be over in one month, where all teams will play each other maybe once.”

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