4 Most loved Villains than Heroes both in Movies and Cricket

Villains have always been influential in any hero’s rise.

Mitchell Starc
Mitchell Starc (Image Source: Twitter)

Villains have always been a crucial part of a movie to glorify the Heroes more in the eyes of the audience. But, some villain characters have managed to build a place in fans’ hearts over heroes over the years. Similarly, in the game of cricket, there are many players who have come up with some top performances against some fans’ respective teams. But, still, those fans have found difficulties in hating them. 

Here are the four 4 most loved villains than heroes both in movies and cricket 

Heath Ledger – Mitchell Starc

Mitchell Starc - Heath Ledger
Mitchell Starc – Heath Ledger (Image Source: Twitter)

This former Actor from Australia was famous for his ‘Joker’ role in ‘The Dark Knight’ and fans loved Heath Ledger more than the hero, Christian Bale, who played the character of Batman. He also won the Best Supporting Actor award at the 81st Oscars in 2009 for this role.

Mitchell Starc also has love from all around the globe despite him destroying many fans’ own teams at his will. In both the 2015 and 2019 ODI World Cups, he was lethal with the ball but still, fans were unable to hate him most of the time just because of his top skills.      

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