MMA News: Joe Rogan investigates possibilities for NBA elite to compete in combat sports

Joe Rogan, a UFC commentator, frequently discusses athletes from various sports on his podcast

Joe Rogan
Joe Rogan (Source: Twitter)

Joe Rogan enjoys looking into parallels between different combat sports. His extensive knowledge of fighting and martial arts training ensures that he never fails to present thrilling scenarios. The 55-year-old recently made the daring suggestion that boxing and mixed martial arts might clash.

Joe Rogan relishes seeing unlikely alliances. A number of years ago, he even thought about Shaquille O’Neal, a former NBA player, participating in mixed martial arts. In spite of all the speculation, Rogan stressed the key barrier that would undoubtedly prevent this concept from becoming a reality.

Joe Rogan, a UFC commentator, frequently discusses athletes from various sports on his podcast. An episode of The Joe Rogan Experience mentioned the 7’1″ NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal. The former 4-time NBA champion is well-known for his massive size in addition to his amazing on-court skills. Given the size of the opponent, Rogan predicted what would happen if the former Los Angeles Lakers player ever entered an MMA cage.  Joe Rogan and Andrew Santino, a guest on the broadcast, were shocked to learn that Shaquille O’Neal weighed about 330 pounds. They both simultaneously exclaimed, “Shaq’s 330!” while feeling terrified.

‘A guy like that could never fight in the UFC’ – Joe Rogan on Shaquille O’Neal

A precise height-to-weight ratio applies to human bodies. Every fan of mixed martial arts (MMA) is aware of the great effort each athlete makes when cutting weight. As they stand on the scale, fighters typically appear drained and exhausted.

Joe Rogan remarked that given the stature of the NBA legend, A guy like that could never fight in the UFC, coz he probably can’t make 265. If he made it, he would be SHREDDED.”

It’s vital to keep in mind that O’Neal has experience in combat sports, having participated in WWE in 2009. During his appearance at the 32nd Wrestlemania, he faced off against the formidable Big Show in the Battle Royale. The UFC’s weight class regulations and considerations, however, presented a totally other issue.

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