Jake Paul wins Twitter with cheeky response to UFC President Dana White's Slap-fighting tweet

Jake Paul's sneaky remark to Dana White's slap-fight tweet won over the Internet. Here's the full story and updates on Paul's next opponent.

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Jake Paul and Dana White, UFC

Jake Paul and Dana White, UFC (Source: Twitter)

Jake Paul responded sarcastically to UFC president Dana White's latest tweet advertising Power Slap on Rumble. Paul insulted the UFC president in response to a tweet announcing the start of the new season of the slap-fighting league. White highlighted his excitement for the upcoming week of slap-fighting and posted a video teaser of what viewers may expect to witness.


He stated: "SLAAAAAAAP WEEEEEEK!!!! #PowerSlap2 is LIVE and FREE WEDNESDAY only on @rumblevideo! @powerslapleague"

The league's critic, "The Problem Child," made it apparent that he wasn't as excited to watch slap fighting as everyone else. He sent a snide remark that poked fun at the UFC president's prior assertions about Power Slap's social media activity, writing: "OMG, this is so big on social media!! Haha, whatever."

Whether Power Slap's second season will succeed now that White has landed a deal for two seasons on a new platform or if it will draw in a similar audience to that of its first season on TBS is yet to be determined.


Eddie Hearn drops his prediction for Jake Paul vs Nate Diaz

A boxing promoter, Eddie Hearn, recently commented on the impending fight between Jake Paul and Nate Diaz, set for August 5. Hearn discussed the battle between the YouTuber-turned-boxer and the former UFC title contender, who will make his professional boxing debut, with Ariel Helwani on the Matchroom Boxing YouTube channel. He said he thought 'The Problem Child' would have the advantage and easily win that fight:

"If you're asking me, I think Jake Paul beats him comfortably, but you will know more about his boxing ability...I really hope Nate Diaz wins, and I really like Nate Diaz. I'm just saying that so if he sees after this prediction, he doesn't put me to sleep, but I think he gets stopped."

The native of Stockton has made it clear that he plans to rejoin the UFC. With that in mind, watching if he enters only one boxing match or more matches before going back to MMA will be intriguing.