‘It’s a hard moment’ - Marcos Rogerio de Lima opens up after losing against Derrick Lewis at UFC 291

Here is what Marcos Rogerio de Lima said about the mental setbacks after the humiliating loss against Derrick Lewis at UFC 291

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Marcos Rogerio de Lima after losing at UFC 291

Marcos Rogerio de Lima after losing at UFC 291 (Image Source: Twitter)

On 30 July 2023, Marcos Rogerio de Lima suffered a loss against Derrick Lewis at UFC 291. Now, after suffering that loss, de Lima recently opened up and shared the emotional and mental setbacks that he had been experiencing in recent days. He even claimed it was a hard moment for him.


He said: “It’s one thing when you lose while fighting. The way it was, it was really painful. We do this thing where you feel out the other guy’s energy before you start fighting. I was feeling great. I felt like he was a little apprehensive. I started out like I always do. He rushed me and I thought he was going to throw a Superman punch. I raised my guard and he threw the knee. I was kind of out when I fell down. It was a hard blow and I couldn’t react.”

“I took a hard knee. My teeth are all loose.” - Marcos Rogerio de Lima

“Now, there’s a lot of people sending me messages, e-mails. I’ve never received that many messages. I lost one fight and instead of supporting me, people from my country, my fans, are bothering me. I took a hard knee. My teeth are all loose. I can’t eat properly. It’s a hard moment. Let’s support our fighters and motivate them,” de Lima concluded. 

Speaking about the fight against Lewis, fans were left shell-shocked when Lewis knocked out de Lima in 33 seconds in Salt Lake City’s Delta Center. After the win, he said: “Hell no, I just said I’m going to throw some bulls*** and see if it lands. It’s a long time coming. I’ve been wanting to hit motherf***** for two years now. I finally hit somebody. I’m happier than a motherf*****.”

He also managed to secure the quickest knockout in UFC history. This win put an end to his losing streak at UFC 291. However, his celebration after the victory left fans stunned as Lewis took off his shorts and jumped into the cage.

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