Five teams with highest number of 3-pointers per game in NBA 2023/24

NBA: Five teams with the highest number of 3-pointers per game in the 2023/24 season of Basketball's biggest tournament. It features some of the best teams of the tournament.

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3-pointers is often considered a revolutionary move in Basketball over the years. In the NBA, they have impacted the way of scoring by the teams. It has led to an evolution in the strategies of the teams. Since its introduction in 1979, 3-pointers have made the shooters a lot more aggressive. The dynamics of scoring have changed completely. In the modern era, it has reached new heights.


Stephen Curry can be called the master of 3-pointers. Golden State Warriors can be credited for revolutionizing the way of scoring in the NBA in the current times. Rather than targeting the inside the paint region, teams now try to claim points with outside shots. Without a doubt, 3-pointers are a productive way of scoring in modern times. The team that masters scoring 3-pointers tend to succeed in the modern day. 

Here are the five teams with the highest number of 3-pointers per game in NBA 2023/24.

5. Utah Jazz


Utah Jazz

Utah Jazz has the third-best accuracy among the teams with 22 3-pointers in a single game. They have an accuracy rate of 51.2% in scoring 3-pointers in the ongoing season. In the game against Memphis Grizzlies earlier this season, Salt Lake City claimed 22 3-pointers, which helped them to seal the game. The winning margin for Jazz was 133-109. Indiana Pacers, Philadelphia 76ers, and Milwaukee Bucks also claimed 22 3-pointers in a game. 


4. OKC Thunders

OKC Thunders

OKC Thunders has the second-best accuracy rate of 61.1% in shooting 3-pointers in the season, behind the LA Lakers. In the game against the San Antonio Spurs, the Thunders scored an impressive 22 3-pointers. It helped them to win the match against the Spurs with a margin of 134-91. The difference in the points between the teams shows how the 3-pointers can affect the outcome of the games. 

3. LA Lakers

LA Lakers

LA Lakers are tied with six other teams for the same position in the list. But the teams with better precision are mentioned. After having a not-so-good shooting in the last season, the Lakers have come out blazing this season. Memphis Grizzlies saw the wrath of the Lakers earlier this month. In the match, the Lakers scored 22 3-pointers, which helped them to beat their opponents by a huge margin of 134-107. With an accuracy of 62.9%, they claim the third spot in the list. 

2. Dallas Mavericks

Dallas Mavericks

Dallas Mavericks held the record for the highest number of 3-pointers per game in the ongoing season before the Brooklyn Nets overtook them. In October, the Mavericks scored a whopping 23 3-pointers in the game against the Memphis Grizzlies. The 3-pointers had their effect on the match, as the Mavericks overcame Memphis by a huge margin of win. They beat the Grizzlies 125-110. 

1. Brooklyn Nets

Brooklyn Nets

Brooklyn Nets hold the record for scoring the highest number of 3-pointers per game in the ongoing NBA 2023/24. In their most recent clash against the Chicago Bulls, the Nets claimed a whopping 25 3-pointers, which is incredible. It was a record for the most number of 3-pointers in a single game in the edition. In the process, they overcame the Bulls with a winning margin of 118-109. 

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