Olympic gold medalist Neeraj Chopra opens up on his weight loss struggle

Olympic Gold medalist Neeraj Chopra opens up about his struggle with weight when he was young. A glimpse of an inspirational journey for the star athlete.

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Neeraj Chopra

Neeraj Chopra; Image source: Twitter

The Olympics is one of the global sporting events in the world where most of the top countries compete to make their nation proud. India has been a major part of this event as well and has won 35 medals in total which include 10 Gold medals, 9 Silver medals and 16 Bronze medals. Every Indian athlete dreams of being an Olympian and making their country proud in the events. The Indian Hockey team was one of our stars at the time and won us the most gold medals. The first individual medallist for India was Norman Pritchard who won two silver medals in athletics. The first individual gold medallist for India is none other than renowned shooter Abhinav Bindra in the 2008 Beijing Olympics.


One of the current greats in the Indian Olympic team is the Indian javelin thrower Neeraj Chopra who had created history in the last Olympics in Tokyo. The Indian track and field star is the second individual in the Olympics and the first track and field athlete to win a gold medal for his country. Chopra has won 12 medals for his country including 9 Gold Medals and 3 Silver medals in his career. He is now regarded as a national hero all over the country for his terrific performances in the athletics event.

Neeraj Chopra on his weight loss

Chopra is now considered one of the biggest champions in sports and is currently one of the top 10 javelin throwers in the world right now. No doubt looking at his performances he will still go down in history as one of the greatest athletes India has ever produced. However, it was not an easy journey for the star athlete as he has just brought up that he used to have problems with his weight early in his career. He has also stated, “I never got mentally down when people made fun of my weight”. He also mentioned that people used to tell him that he couldn’t get into sports due to his weight and chose to turn around his physique and rectify it.


We can learn from this inspirational journey by Neeraj Chopra how to achieve your dreams when you are close to losing hope. The weight loss journey and his success show the journey of a determined athlete who wanted to accomplish great things in the future. Neeraj will always remain a great sportsman who has achieved the impossible every time he held the Javelin in his hand. This journey will surely inspire a lot of people who want to pursuit a career in sports and reach great heights in the field.

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