3 times when strict actions were made against Sports athletes and organizations for their social media activities

We have picked three incidents where an athlete or an organization faced such strict action for their poor activities

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Andrew Tate-Jermaine Whitehead

Andrew Tate-Jermaine Whitehead (Image source- Twitter)

Social Media is one of the media where an athlete or sports organization can expand their fanbase. Many athletes have resorted to social media to effectively communicate with their fans. Sports teams consider their social media account to be as important as their players. The presence of an athlete or a team on social media is considered to be a vital part of their growth.


However, there have been a few instances where a few athletes and sports organizations have been charged with strict actions for their activities on social media. We have picked three such incidents where an athlete or an organization faced such strict action for their poor activities:

1) Andrew Tate:

Andrew Tate Andrew Tate (Image source- Twitter)


Andrew Tate is a four-time World Kickboxing Champion and became an overnight sensation due to his appearance on the show 'Big Brother'. The champion has now been banned from social media like Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.

The so-called 'success coach' was earlier terminated from using Twitter due to his misogynistic videos. He claimed to be innocent and had a tremendous presence on social media. The four-time champion was an internet sensation with 4.7 million followers on Instagram. He has been banned for his misogynistic views.

2) Jermaine Whitehead:


Jermaine Whitehead Jermaine Whitehead (Image source- Twitter)

Jermaine Whitehead is a former football safety who played for Cleveland Browns. He once had to be thrown out of Twitter for his tweets that involved profanity following his poor performance on the field in 2019.

His team waived him the next day and said that his tweets were 'unacceptable and highly inappropriate'.

3) Tokyo 2020 Olympics:

Tokyo Olympics 2022 Tokyo Olympics 2022 (Image source- Twitter)

During Tokyo 2020 Olympics, the social media team was banned from posting pictures of players taking the knee. Team Great Britain and Chile players took the knee before they competed with each other in the first women's football match.

However, pictures of them taking the knee were not posted on any of the Tokyo Olympics' official social media accounts including their channels. It was revealed that they were banned from posting those pictures.