5. Grant Elliot’s unfortunate dismissal (2008)

In an ODI in 2008, Grant Elliot was involved in an ugly collision with Ryan Sidebottom which resulted in his run-out. Elliot was hesitant to make his way back feeling that he was run out only because of the collision. England skipper Paul Collingwood refused to withdraw the appeal, sending Elliot back to the pavilion.

4. Joe Root’s caught behind saga (2013/14)

During the third test of the Ashes 2013/14 series, Joe Root was involved in a mysterious dismissal off Shane Watson. When the decision was reviewed, the Sniko detected no spike, although the third umpire ruled it in favour of Australia, sending Root back.

3. Ben Stokes’ controversy (2015)

In an ODI in 2015, when Australia toured England, Ben Stokes tried to prevent the ball from hitting the stumps when Mitchell Starc tried to throw at it. The left-handed batter was eventually given out for field obstruction and Australia won the match by 64 runs. 

2. Jason Roy’s field obstruction (2017)

In 2017, during the T20I against South Africa, Jason Roy was given out for field obstruction. The batter tried to return to non-striker's end when Liam Livingstone refused to take the single and eventually hid the view for the fielder. With ball hitting him instead, the players appealed and Roy was given out eventually. 

1. Deepti Sharma’s non-striker run-out (2022)

During the third ODI between India women and England women, Deepti Sharma produced a non-striker run-out to dismiss Charlie Dean, and India eventually won the match by 13 runs. However, the mode of dismissal hit the headlines and the player was under the radar for a long time.