3 reasons why WWE legends The Rock and Roman Reigns will become enemies of each other

3. The Rock has started playing the role of Tribal Chief since his return to WWE

It would not be wrong to say that Rock has currently started playing the role of Tribal Chief. If seen, Roman Reigns would hardly want to give his position to The Rock. Roman may have a rift with The Rock in the future regarding this matter

2. WWE can make Roman Reigns a babyface by using The Rock

It is possible that WWE can make The Rock his enemy to turn Roman Reigns as a babyface and can book him to take away everything from Roman.

1. It would hardly be a waste to miss the opportunity of a match between WWE The Rock and Roman Reigns

Fans had been demanding this dream match for years. WWE will also benefit a lot from the business point of view by having The Rock vs Roman Reigns.